Golden International Hotels Manchester scam

We have removed the following Golden International Hotels Manchester scam:

“Dear Sir/Madam, The Management of Golden International Hotels Manchester UK, is using this media mail to inform you about an open recruitment that is going – on with the Golden International Hotels Manchester United Kingdom Family, this offer of employment can be a good opportunity for you to live in the United kingdom Manchester & work in a good explore of your career to a better position, the floor management of Golden International Hotels Manchester will help every successful applicant in getting their visas & other entry documents, both Sex can apply, if you love to be a part of winning teams at Golden International Hotels Group Manchester UK.The hotel Management will be responsible for the entire successful applicant’s flight air tickets from their country to the Manchester United Kingdom, Accommodating / feeding & medical supports are free for you as a staff of Golden International Hotels Manchester UK. If you are a good Document Controllers, Purchasing Manager, Electrical Engineers, Water treatment chemical engineers, graphic designers, Hotel project architect supervisors, civil staffs, mechanic engineers, lobby agents, Doctors/Nurses,Sous-chefs, Help desk, Accounting clerks, Waiters/waitress,House-person,Pool Lifeguards, Event coordinators, Sales managers, Bartenders, Maintenance staff, Banquet servers,Stewards,and also House -keepers’ etc, then you can apply to get more information now. To show your interest and receive full employment general information, then kindly e-mail the Golden International Hotels Manchester UK management back with your full (CV) in Word Format along with an application cover note letters at ( for review. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or feedback. Regards, Golden International Hotels Manchester UK CEO/Director:Prof,Mr.George William General Manager:Mrs.Janet Michael. Human Resources Manager:Mr.Emmanuel John. Golden International Hotels Manchester UK Hrs. ©2018 All Rights Reserved”

Please note that this hotel does NOT exist. The Golden International Hotels Manchester scam has been going for some time. More information on

The Golden International Hotels website has been copied from Club 7 Beach Resort in India. Manchester, strangely enough, is not located somewhere on a Greek island. It’s rather grubby up North in comparison.

This is the usual scam where you will most likely be asked to pay a small fee to cover permits, etc. and then hear back zilch, nothing…

In Europe, as we have pointed out numerous times, you do not pay to get a job. Even work permits are organised via the employer. If you are asked to pay anything you can bet that it is a scam.

The chance that you will get a low skilled job with a work permit attached is well below zero. Generally spoken only specialists that are in very high demand might be able to obtain a work permit. As unemployment levels are very high in Europe, Europeans need to be employed first. Only when a company can prove that nobody with a particular skill set can be found in Europe are they allowed to recruit from outside Europe.

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