Italian job seekers find new opportunities in Berlin.

As a result of a stagnant economy and a huge lack of opportunities, read jobs, in Italy, many young graduates are packing their warm clothes and are moving to Berlin.

The German capital is home to such a large number of Italian immigrants that many Italians are able to set up Italian inspired businesses, from newspapers, to cafes and clothing shops.


Swiss vote threatens freedom of movement

There is a nasty, cold wind blowing from Switzerland now. Yesterday’s Swiss vote to cap immigration is another indication of jobs being ring fenced for local voters. Switzerland is at the heart of Western Europe, but is not part of the EU. Given it’s location it has relied on immigration to keep it’s highly developed economy going and growing. Nearly 25% of the population are immigrants these days and this has resulted in the far right, populist movement to demand a vote on capping the immigration levels.

Against all expectations (in the media that is), the Swiss voted by the slimmest of margins (50.3%) to impose quotas on newcomers to the country. As the Swiss Continue reading

Slovakia tightens up work permit legislation

Slovakia’s overhaul of foreign work and residence permits imposes stricter rules and new processing time frames.

What does the change mean? Employers will face several stricter requirements, including an in-person meeting with the Slovak Labor Office for local labor contracts, longer notification of vacant jobs, and apostilled educational documents.

High Tech Jobs Europe Grow Fast

Politicians, union leaders and business leaders sit up and take note! High Tech does not destroy jobs, it creates jobs by a factor of FOUR (!) according to research published by the University of Leuven in Belgium.

According to perceived wisdom new technology destroys jobs. You only have to look at the devastation in former industrial heartlands across Europe to see what new technology can do, according to union bosses such as Bob Crow, who is waging a war against new technology on London’s underground.

They better take note of what the Belgian researchers found. In 2011 there were already 22 million high tech workers in the EU, representing 10 percent of total employment. Although the percentages of the workforce working in high tech were fairly evenly spread across the EU, the Czech Republic had the highest concentration (13.7%).

Not surprisingly Continue reading

Job of your life in Germany?

Get trained in Germany

Unemployment levels in Europe are very high, especially when you’re younger than 30, and this is a particular problem in countries around the Mediterranean. There does not seem to be way anymore to gain experience and become a true professional. Europe used to have a system called Guilds, where master craftsmen would train an apprentice on the job, so you could work your way out of unemployment. Most countries have lost these Guilds, but in Germany this is still a major way into a career.

As Germany is a technology powerhouse with an ageing population, the German government has launched “MobiPro-EU” (Who comes up with these names?) to attract young Europeans Continue reading

Recruiters: Why you should be using Psychometric Testing

According to all the national newspapers, today will be the busiest day of the year for job hunters. After the Christmas break with New Year’s resolutions penned and with the long awaited upturn in the economy, it’s little surprise that restlessness is kicking in.

Assuming the pundits are right, it is likely that recruiters will be inundated with applications. So what is the best way to sort the wheat from the chaff without facing an administrative nightmare and potentially making costly recruitment mistakes?

Psychometric tests and Continue reading

Sports Direct: Gone Mad on Zero-hours contracts

sport direct


Zero-hours contracts: having written about them a few months ago, it seems that Sports Direct have taken it to the extreme. Despite the use of zero-hours contracts being good for a small number of staff, as was my opinion in the last article, I don’t approve of a company putting all but 10% of their staff on them. In reality, a zero-hours contact actually includes no sick pay and no holiday pay. This may not matter to students who often use them in order to pay their loan but to a person with a family, this is very important.

In other words, it doesn’t seem logical to Continue reading

Europe’s New Civil War: The People of Europe against Austerity

austerity 3

One of the EU’s principal goals and proudest achievements, indeed the achievement it won its controversial nobel peace prize for, the ending of the possibility of another European war of the likes we saw between 1914 and 1945. However, Continue reading

Help an aspiring artist

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Horse meat scandal…no common sense anymore?

The horse meat scandal seems to be blown completely out of proportion.
It appears that meat has been ‘contaminated’ as the media calls it. Contaminated? Does that mean people will die as a result? Don’t think so.

A Cypriot company has destroyed 16.5 tonnes of burgers fearing they were contaminated with horse meat. Authorities did not name the company, adding that it disposed of the burgers when the news broke that meat products labelled as beef were found to contain horse meat.

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