Email is dead – use RSS feeds instead

It is pretty evident why we don’t send out email campaigns anymore.

More than 90% of all email sent is now spam or some sort of scam. Email as a communications medium is almost defunct now. Email seems to be dominated by Russians, Nigerians and Thai trying to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting and desperate people.

We are now using social media, rss feeds and direct communication to communicate with our users.

We have mentioned this many, many times before: if you want scam and spam messages to stop make sure your ISP implements SPF (Sender Policy Framework). This will get rid of most of the spam and scam.

It’s still beyond belief why big ISP’s such as Yahoo and BT (in the UK) have not implemented this. Not doing so sustains the tidal wave of spam. Guess they’re earning from it, so they won’t do anything about it. And politicians don’t get it either. They’re neolithic and still use handwritten letters, so don’t expect anything from them anytime soon …..

The latest scam we came across goes as follows:

I would like to take this time to welcome you to our hiring process and give you a brief synopsis of the position’s benefits and requirements.

If you are taking a career break, are on a maternity leave, recently retired or simply looking for some part-time job, this position is for you.

Occupation: Flexible schedule 1 to 3 hours per day. We can guarantee a minimum 20 hrs/week occupation
Salary: Starting salary is 3000 EUR per month plus commission.

Region: Europe

Please note that there are no startup fees or deposits to start working for us.

To request an application form, schedule your interview and receive more information about this position please reply to ************** with your personal identification number for this position IDNO: 9120

This is another classical phishing scam. They’re trying to get to your personal details in order to scam you out of money. This can be used to open bank accounts, get loans, etc in your name.

They get the money, you get the bills. Not something you want to end up with.

Always check out ‘offers’ like this, or simply do not respond to them and bin them straight away.

If you do get one of these, please forward the email header containing the IP address of the sender to scamreport (at) eurojobs (dot) com so we can investigate who is behind this and shut them down.


Globotec scam (Logwin Logistics rip off)

The scams seem to be never ending!

There are a few things that give away a job offer is scam. In this case a ‘company’ called ‘Globotec’ tries to lure people into thinking that they could manage a logistics company. The reality is that this is most likely a scam whereby they will send money to your bank account and you then have to pay or forward the money to another account. This account will also be owned by the scammers.

This is a typical money laundering scam and you could end up in jail for participating, knowingly or not.

The scam identifiers are:

1) The recruiter claiming to offer the position is using a “hotmail” account and not a company specific account you can check through “whois” services.
2) The website of the “company” is not mentioned in the email. When you check online there is no company website.
3) The email arrived out of the blue and you did not apply for the position. The requirements don’t match your experience (at all) and a proper recruiter would not offer a serious position to just anybody.
4) There is no contact number on the email.
5) Their command of English is not very good. There are spelling and grammatical mistakes.
5) When you check out Globotec Co, you won’t find it. It doesn’t exist. You’ll find all sorts of companies, but not the one offering you a job.
6) When you do a search on “Daria Randel” you won’t find anyone. A serious recruiter will have left all sorts of traces on the internet.
7) And as always: If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

The offending email goes as follows:

Good morning,

I am the head of the staff department in the Globotec. Our company has found
your CV at web-site
We decided that you’re the proper person for the vacancy we’ve offered.

Vacancy:  “regional logistics manager”

We offer you:
* Promotion track
* Possibility of choosing option of either fulltime or part time
* Paid workshops
* Salary – 2000-3000 euro per month + option money

Applicant Requirements:
* Older than 21
* Written English
* Residence in Netherlands
* PC user
* Communicability. Readiness to negotiate over the phone and face to face
* Ability to form and pay provider orders

We respect responsibility, industriousness, initiative, aspirations for
education and self-delepoment. If you are interested in our job offer  contact

Sincerely yours,
The head of the personnel department Globotec,
Daria Randel
Globotec Co.

We posted another scam example some time ago.

European Labour Department number

Scams, scams, scams! They’re everywhere.

We were asked whether was a legitimate business or not.

Had a look into it and it appears to be the classical scam. Their site is under construction. Bit of a give away that! They seem to be preying on unaware people. By the looks of things, they’re trying to convince people to cough up money for non-existing permits, most notably the European Labour Department Number.

Hmmm, I’ve never heard of that department, let alone a number you need. Work permits are handled by the government of the country you want to work in. And none of them use this non-existing number. The process of obtaining a work permit is notoriously difficult and slow, but you won’t need an agent to get it for you. For more details see the previous post on work permits we posted today.

There seem to be a number of mentions of this scam on various complaints websites:

Complaints Board

They seem to be very good in posting misleading comments on various websites and blogs. Raymond and Brenda seem to have attended the same English classes……. 🙂 Scam / Spam Alert Updates

21 August 2012: Chinese scammer again.

A Chinese scammer/spammer is sending out loads of spam messages asking people to reply to Please note that has nothing to do with this. The clue is in the ‘in’ bit in the name:….. The domain was registered only a few days ago. Please do an IP trace on the email header to find out with which ISP you can lodge a complaint. Alternatively try to complain to the registrar of the domain name.

Registration Service Provided By:
Whois Server:
Domain name:
Registrant Contact:
James D. McDonald
James McDonald
727-257-8684 fax: 727-257-8114
2229 Badger Pond Lane
Clearwater FL 34620
Administrative Contact:
James McDonald
727-257-8684 fax: 727-257-8114
2229 Badger Pond Lane
Clearwater FL 34620
Technical Contact:
James McDonald
727-257-8684 fax: 727-257-8114
2229 Badger Pond Lane
Clearwater FL 34620
Billing Contact:
James McDonald
727-257-8684 fax: 727-257-8114
2229 Badger Pond Lane
Clearwater FL 34620
Created: 2012-08-19
Expires: 2013-08-19

02 August 2012: Phishing alert

Please be aware that this email below does NOT come from We generally do not send out email and we do NOT need to update our mail server. This is a phishing attempt where they try to get hold of your login details.

We are investigating this and will take legal action to stop this.

Do NOT click on the update link/button as this leads to a fake login page with the aim to obtain your login details. If you think your account details have been compromised use the reset password link on our site to create a new password.

The phishing message looks like this:


February 2012:

We’re getting reports again that people are being inundated with spam (Read our most recent post), allegedly coming from us.  However, the spammer uses ‘‘, ‘‘, ‘‘ or ‘‘ or other email addresses that are similar to our email addresses.

These spam messages have nothing to do with only sends out a confirmation message after someone has registered on the site and that’s all the email you would generally get from us.

However, there are apparently Chinese spammers who abuses our domain name and send out messages that claim to come from us by using one of our email addresses as the return address.

You can check who the real sender is by opening the extended header of the email message and then use that IP address to perform an IP address check. This will generally reveal the ISP the spammer uses. The ISP should address the problem caused by the spammer through banning him from sending email through the ISP. Please complain with the ISP as this is the only way to permanently remove this nuisance.

In order to stop these messages you could also:

1. Ask your email provider to implement SPF (Sender Policy Framework) in order to distinguish between fake and real email messages. Once this is in place a mail server can see if messages actually come from the sender or whether it is spam.
This will stop the flow of spam messages immediately. is SPF compliant.

2. Create a filter in your email program for the body text they used, but don’t use the “Send From” field as this generally is spoofed. Alternatively use free programs such as Mailwasher to filter spam.

3. If you use Thunderbird or Outlook, download the Thunderbird SPF extention or a filter such as SpamFighter to verify if the sender of the email are who they claim they are.

4. If you are using BT/Yahoo or Ymail do the following:

Send an an email to and copy the long (extended) header of your email into this message. This contains information as to where the email originated. You will probably get a nondescript, automated reply from BT stating that you should ban the domain. Don’t ban the domain as this means you will be banning another victim of this type of scam and you will still be blasted by spam.

(BT will only realise what they are advising when a address gets spoofed in a spam message and they tell you to ban Pretty stupid advice!)

What BT/Yahoo really should do is implement the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) properly, so the amount of spam reaching your inbox reduces dramatically. SPF checks if the email comes from the authenticated IP address linked to the domain. If not, the email is spam and should be binned automatically.

If BT fobs you off, send them another email demanding they implement SPF automatically rather than leaving it up to you to activate it.

BT/Yahoo SpamGuard (For what it’s worth)

Keep SpamGuard turned on. To check if it’s on:

  1. Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page.
  2. Click Spam from the list on the left.
  3. In the “SpamGuard’ section, next to ‘Control SpamGuard,’ do you see a check in the box beside ‘Automatically send suspected spam to my Spam folder?’ If so, great! SpamGuard is ON. If not, turn it on by placing a check in that box.
  4. In the area above your spam options, click Save Changes.

Also in the ‘SpamGuard’ section, you can specify how often you’d like Yahoo to empty your Spam folder (They do it automatically once a month, but you have options to empty it faster), and you can indicate your preference for showing or blocking images. Image blocking is another effective way to fend off spam!

How can you report spam on Yahoo?

Easy! Don’t open a spam message. Just click inside the check-box next to it, then click Spam to let Yahoo know it’s something you’d rather not ever see again. Yahoo pays a lot of attention to spam you report to them. It gives them tools to disrupt the latest tricks and techniques that spammer individuals and spammer companies are using to try to evade the Yahoo filters.

Reports of spam originating from a Yahoo! Mail account (i.e., receive their special attention. Since spamming is expressly prohibited in Yahoo!’s Terms of Use, any account caught spamming will be canceled.

If you change your mind or think you made a mistake, just look for the next message from that sender in your Bulk folder and click Not Spam to reverse your vote.

Report spam on other sites:

You can report spammers on scam scam

There is a scam doing the rounds that uses our email address as the return address. To confuse matters even more they call themselves

Please note that this email is NOT sent by, but by a scammer in Slovenia
, see have nothing to do with!

We have filed a complaint about with the ISP

Do not respond to this email. Bin it!

The scam email reads:

>  Hello
> I am a representative of the HR department of a large international company
> Our enterprise is connected with a great number of various activities, like:
> – property
> – bank account operations
> – transportation and logistics
> – private enterprise service
> – etc.
> Currently, we are looking for managers in Europe:
> – wages 2300dollars+bonus
> – part-time employment
> – free timetable
> If you would like to work with us, please provide us the following
> information on email:
> h r @ e u r j o b s . o r g [please delete spaces before sending]
> Full name:
> Country:
> City:
> E-mail:
> Mobile phone-number:
> *Attention! We are looking for the people who have a right to work in
> Europe!*
> Please, write your name and Telephone Number so that our manager could
> contact you and conduct an interview.

Bulgarian Scam

There are so many scams on the net that I thought I give you a recent example.

This example is an email scam focused on extracting as much valuable information from an unsuspecting candidate as possible. This information can then be used for criminal purposes and the candidate can end up with a lot of trouble.

The scam goes as follows:

“Thank you for your letter.

We would like to inform you that we were able to provide an employer for you who is currently awaiting your official documents, so that they can apply for a work permit for you.  The employer has confirmed about you and we were given the list of the necessary documents which have to accompany your application.

In Europe, no employer will hire you without having interviewed you or at least spoken to you and verified that you are allowed to work in Europe. You can also spot the grammar mistakes in the letter, which often indicates that it is a scam.

Our main duty, as a recruiter,  is to coordinate your job application with the employer and observe your legal transfer throughout  the whole application process till the successful start of the job. We are completely ready to assist you all the time, so that all the application process can run smoothly.

Oops, plain English is certainly difficult when it is not your native tongue! A load of waffle only to impress you, the candidate/target.

The next bit is even more revealing……

In direct observation of the most recent European legislation and in observation of the laws in your country, we would like to emphasize that our procedure is completely legal as it involves work permit application and work visa application. This should 100% assure you that you will be able to start a completely legal job in Europe.

We would also like to advise you once again to strictly follow our professional guidelines since this will ensure your legal hiring in Europe and start of the new job!

Don’t you start wondering if this is legal or not when you read this? European companies do not have to emphasize they are legal. There are ways of finding out via the chamber of commerce, the embassy of the country, etc. They only put this in as they know they are illegal and want to give you the impression of the opposite.

We would like to make several important points in regard with your Job application:

1. The employer is presently expecting your fully prepared application package for further work permit processing:

This is the list of the documents YOU NEED to prepare now:

1.      Personal registration number in the state work force office

2.      CV – European format

3.      Work permit form (filled in with your details) – you need to fill in only part 2

4.      Motivation Letter
Notice: Passport is not a mandatory requirement at this stage, it shall be required at a later stage in the process at the embassy and you can process it meanwhile. Presently, you need to concentrate on the preparation of the above-mentioned 4 items and it is recommended not to delay the process and miss deadlines for submission of documents based on that lack of passport.

Applying for a job abroad without having to use your passport. Nuts! All they want to do is grab your precious personal details as quickly as possible, hence the following point:


It means your application set needs to be entirely prepared PRIOR that date. Once deadline is missed we cancel the application altogether and our policy is not to work again on applications with missed deadlines.

The reason they don’t want to work on another application is that they have your details by now and don’t want you to harass them while they abuse your details.

Preparation of your application documents – Step-by Step Guide:

1)  You should obtain your personal work force registration number first.

This registration number does not exist in any European country.

2)  After you obtain your personal work force registration number, then accurately fill in the documents (CV,  Motivation letter, Work permit application form), so that your official application package is complete.

3)  E-mail us your prepared documents including your work force registration number. We will review them and enclose the address of your employer. Then we will send you back the documents.
Don’t expect your documents ever to be mailed back to you. You will never see them again!

4)  You have to print the documents and send a paper copy of the documents to the employer. You may send them via courier.

3. We are glad to represent you the vacancy you are considered for. You can review it in details here:

Job Description: Office Assistant

Workplace:  Administrative Support Department of a Well-established Company

Start Salary:   2500 Euro/month = 140 979 pesos/month

Job Location:  Ireland

Working hours: 40 per week

Start Date: As soon as possible

Terms of Employment: Permanent / Full Time

Work contract: Valid for 1 year with an option of renewal for 3 then 5 years.

Accommodation: First class accommodation will be provided in proximity to the work place and paid for by the employer (separate bedroom and bath, furnished, utilized) /family accommodation is also available if needed/

Medical Insurance: Employer provides you with comprehensive health care for the term of the contract -medical/dental and retirement insurance

Other benefits: Annual vacations, plane ticket and visa fees covered by the employer, pension schemes
The rules in Europe are such that an employer has to prove he can not find anyone in Europe to fill this position. Only when he can prove this he might be allowed to hire someone from outside the EU. An office assistant generally has no, or very few, qualifications and can not expect to earn 2500 Euros per month. Even graduates don’t earn that much. As this is such a generic position the employer will not have any trouble filling this position with a star candidate from within Europe.

4.  Personal Registration Number in work force office:

The state work force office registration is mandatory for all applicants. One potential registration in the state work force office will facilitate the particular employer. After a given application is listed in the database of the state work force office, it becomes officially present on the labour market, it becomes legitimate.

More nonsense to give you the impression that this is really, really official. The state work force office does not exist anywhere, nor does the registration.
> This registration can be completed ONLY through specialized companies based here in Europe.

Nice one. By claiming they are specialised they force you to fill in this load of nonsense.

5.  RECOMMENDATION of a Professional Documents Preparation Company:

We have disclosed here the contacts of a specialized European-based company that is working online. This company can register you in state work force office and prepare your CV, Work permit form and Motivation letter in only 1 day against minimal charge.

The contacts of the company are:

Yahoo-messenger:  BR.COVE


Brightcove Company
The use of a gmail account indicates they’re most likely a scam. These accounts can be set up and discarded easily, unlike accounts with registered websites which can be trace to a person.

We encourage you to contact them and immediately coordinate for 1 day application set preparation. They charge minimal fee and prepare all application set items in accordance with the current European standards.

Our previous applicants have used their service and remained satisfied with the service quality and speed. Moreover, most of these applicants are already successfully working in Europe.

Guess you won’t get any examples of those successful candidates!

You are welcome to contact us for any further questions.

You may reach us online at yahoo-messenger: BESTHELP11


via Live chat:’t tried the yahoo messenger link, but the live chat link doesn’t work and when you go to eurosalary dot com the site rambles, contains many grammatical errors, and the contact options don’t work.
When you check them out it transpires they have only been recently registered their website, which is in stark contrast to what they claim on their site. The site is registered via an Australian/American/Spanish domain name registrar:

  NAMES WORLDWIDE Whois Server: Referral URL:
  Name Server: NS1.HOSTMONSTER.COM Name Server: NS2.HOSTMONSTER.COM Status:
  clientTransferProhibited Updated Date: 10-aug-2010 Creation Date: 15-aug-2009
  Expiration Date: 15-aug-2011

The site apparently is run by Bulgarian scammers and various scam & fraud watching sites list them.  See e.g.

So, don’t get fooled.