Independent Scotland not viable

The debate about Scottish independence is heating up and politicians are doing what they generally do. They peddle hope, illusions, visions or sometimes, plain lies. No one is giving a straight answer as to whether independence is viable.

So, in comes Jim Swift, a Scottish economist. Listen to what he has to say. His views are delivered in a rather factual manner.

This might also be of interest to people in Andalucia…..

Advertisements spam

It looks like there is a spammer again abusing one of our email addresses as a return address in spam messages. They’re offering fake jobs using grammatically challenged English.

The messages look like this: Continue reading

Jobs with UK work permit attached

Want to work in the UK?

No problem if you’re a EU citizen, but what to do if you’re not?

The UK government has published a list of jobs they deem ‘critical’ to the UK economy and are willing to give those specialists a work permit (or at least will consider it when the employer applies for it)

One drawback though, you have to stick with that job until the cows come home. You’re not allowed to move jobs, as the whole circus of applying for a permit will start all over again. (And the chance of not getting one….)

So, the best thing to do is to Continue reading

Orkut’s demise

Google has announced that it is calling it a day on it’s social media site Orkut.

The site is going to be shut down on September 30, 2014. Not many people in Northern America, Europe or Asia will blink an eyelid though. Orkut never gained a lot of popularity in those parts of the world.

People in Brazil will be less happy as it was/is a big site there. Google probably thought that given the excitement of the world cup, not too many people would notice.

But, every black cloud has a silver lining. You can transfer everything you ever did on Orkut to Google Plus. Or in Google’s own words: Continue reading

Site maintenance

Apologies for the fact that the site went offline. We have moved to a new Content Management System, but as with all things new they tend to have a few bugs.

One of those forced us to shut down and fix it off-line.

How to avoid a spam deluge

People complain a lot about the huge number of spam messages they receive. Sites are being accused of facilitating spammers, having poor security, etc. This might often be the case, but what the ‘receiver’ often forgets is that their online activity more often is the real cause of the deluge.

Spammers grab the email address to spam from somewhere and then try to ‘trick’ the system and the receiver into Continue reading

Does your company lack emotional intelligence? Yes – not surprising you’re looking for a new job

A survey by has suggested that in America, 23 percent of people look for a new job every single day! What’s equally fascinating is, it’s not the financial rewards or challenging work content that prompts employees to make a move, it’s the soft skills, the ability to get on with other people, the communication, the culture – in other words, the emotional intelligence of the organisation.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a training progamme on Energy Leadership Development developed by iPEC, a programme that I believe can make a profound difference in people’s lives. I will discuss it in greater detail in the future and how I will be integrating it into my coaching programmes. One of the basic premise is that so much of our lives is fed by the notion of ‘what’s wrong?’. From birth, we are trained to ask that question, focusing on what’s wrong with our relationships, what’s wrong with our work, what’s wrong in every aspect of our lives.

If instead we asked, ‘What’s right?’, ‘What’s the opportunity?’ or ‘How can we make this work?’, how different would we feel? How much more creativity would flood into our lives and how much more contented would we be? If we can learn to control our emotions and think positively, in other words have more emotionally intelligence, what difference do you think that would make?

Please let me know what you think.

New City on Google Maps

I had to check the location of a town yesterday and went to Google maps. Zoomed in on the UK and had to do a double take. To the west of London a new city had emerged according to Google. It was called “Town Centre”.

Town Centre

I know the current government in the UK are planning to build a few new ‘garden cities’ as they call them, but I wasn’t aware Continue reading

EU money worries

Oh dear, Brussels bureaucrats have published a report lamenting the fact that a big chunk of the EU population don’t declare the work they do and therefore Brussels doesn’t get their taxes and can’t spend it on salaries and other “important” money guzzling projects.

They discovered that of the people who were asked the question in the survey 11% don’t declare their earnings. Only 11%? I’m sure the percentage is a lot higher. Most people wouldn’t want to declare to a researcher that they’re not paying taxes. Way too risky…..

“Member States need to Continue reading

Fake hotel jobs

All these fake hotel jobs are becoming a bit of a nuisance. We keep booting them off the site, so you won’t even know they were there in the first place, but when you look around the net you’ll find many big name sites still hosting them totally unaware what a scam they are. (Haven’t they got filters, checks, etc in place?)

I just did a search for Prime Spring Hotel and sites still host these ‘vacancies’. This scam site has been taken down a while ago now, but the jobs are Continue reading