“Do no evil” merchant investigated

Google’s mantra is “Do no evil”  [silence]

Yup, that was a slogan from the good old days when Google’s founders were still idealistic scientists. Since then Google has grown a bit (in importance and value) and it looks like their slogan needs adapting slightly. It seems that it needs to be “Do no evil to our bank account.”

Google has recently changed their algorithms so that their own products appear on top of the SERPS and are difficult to distinguish from organic results. You’ll have to weed through Google originated advertising in order to find what you want these days.

The European Union has cottoned on to this and are investigating Google;

Is this the reason why Apple has added DuckDuckgo.com as one of their preferred search engines?


Dutch climbdown re: Abdul Ghafoor Ahmadzai

Latest update:

The Dutch have now agreed to actually look into the case of Abdul Ghafoor Ahmadzai and not extradite him at short notice.

They insisted previously that there was no need to review the case and check the facts. Duh? The least they could have done was just that. And now after huge pressure from parliament and a public outcry, Mr. Teeven, the Minister responsible for this case, has agreed to look into it and cooperate with the Norwegians in order to decide whether Abdul Ghafoor Ahmadzai should be extradited or not.

It really is shameful behaviour of a nation that prides itself of being humane and liberal.

Let’s hope common sense now prevails……

Hypocritical Dutch extradite Abdul Ghafoor Ahmadzai

In case you don’t know who Abdul Ghafoor Ahmadzai is, he is an Afghan translator who worked for the Dutch and US army in Afghanistan. He risked his life working for them and had to flee Afghanistan when his brother was killed by the Taleban thinking it was him. He had to leave his 4 day (!) old son behind.

He then fled through Asia, the Caucasus, Turkey and Greece Continue reading

Indians can study and work in Italy

Italy is still trying to attract Indian students to study, live and work in Italy.

If you are looking for a way into Europe, here is an opportunity.

They’re offering English master courses in ICT, management and design and have waived the normal academic fees.

Participating universities include: the Turin Polytechnical Institute, Continue reading

Lying Scotsman

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction and you couldn’t have made this up.

I don’t think Mr Salmond had envisaged dropping the “F” in his advertising campaign for Scottish independence. Someone up in Scotland must have a wicked sense of humour.  🙂

Lying Scotsman

Independent Scotland not viable

The debate about Scottish independence is heating up and politicians are doing what they generally do. They peddle hope, illusions, visions or sometimes, plain lies. No one is giving a straight answer as to whether independence is viable.

So, in comes Jim Swift, a Scottish economist. Listen to what he has to say. His views are delivered in a rather factual manner.

This might also be of interest to people in Andalucia…..

MyEurojobs.com spam

It looks like there is a spammer again abusing one of our email addresses as a return address in spam messages. They’re offering fake jobs using grammatically challenged English.

The messages look like this: Continue reading

Jobs with UK work permit attached

Want to work in the UK?

No problem if you’re a EU citizen, but what to do if you’re not?

The UK government has published a list of jobs they deem ‘critical’ to the UK economy and are willing to give those specialists a work permit (or at least will consider it when the employer applies for it)

One drawback though, you have to stick with that job until the cows come home. You’re not allowed to move jobs, as the whole circus of applying for a permit will start all over again. (And the chance of not getting one….)

So, the best thing to do is to Continue reading

Orkut’s demise

Google has announced that it is calling it a day on it’s social media site Orkut.

The site is going to be shut down on September 30, 2014. Not many people in Northern America, Europe or Asia will blink an eyelid though. Orkut never gained a lot of popularity in those parts of the world.

People in Brazil will be less happy as it was/is a big site there. Google probably thought that given the excitement of the world cup, not too many people would notice.

But, every black cloud has a silver lining. You can transfer everything you ever did on Orkut to Google Plus. Or in Google’s own words: Continue reading

Site maintenance

Apologies for the fact that the site went offline. We have moved to a new Content Management System, but as with all things new they tend to have a few bugs.

One of those forced us to shut down and fix it off-line.