PSI Incorporation scam ( Cont…)

These scammers get more audacious by the day!

We highlighted the scam with PSI Incorporation (Papmac Securities and Investments) allegedly based in Wichita, Texas, USA a few days ago. Someone called Spiff White then rang (certainly not from a US phone number) to complain that we were harming their business. Yeah right. Stopping people from being scammed more like and hurting their scam income stream…..

He even demanded that we remove the blog post. No evidence given as to who they really are. And we just have to believe them…..

We then received the Continue reading


Computers spot fake facial expressions: you might be interviewed by a robot!

A study carried out by the Universities of California, Buffalo and Toronto has discovered that a computer system is more accurate at spotting fake facial expressions than people.

Leading recruiters and coaches look out for micro-expressions, the tiny little facial movements we make without realizing what we’re doing. When we’re faking a smile, our eyes tend not to crease and the areas between our eyebrows and eyelids don’t contract. As these movements occur in milliseconds, a computer can pick up on these minutiae. People find it difficult.
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10 Redundancy Warning Signs That Suggest Your Job’s in Jeopardy

A couple of weeks ago, Pete, an ex-colleague of mine was told he was being made redundant. I predicted this four months ago, but for Pete it came as a bolt out of the blue. He had been blind to all the little hints and nuances that suggested redundancy was calling his name. Pete had laughed when I had suggested the redundancy warning signs, saying that he’d worked for the company for 15 years and the big boss would always look out for him. Continue reading

The Little-Known Factor That Predicts Career Success

Some years ago I worked for a Search and Selection firm – a business that is now defunct. Despite meeting my husband there and making life-long friends, I was deeply unhappy in my job. I dreaded making cold calls; I loathed the hypocrisy of some of the managers, the chauvinistic bullying of the Managing Director and the cutthroat pressures of having to meet weekly sales targets. My unhappiness meant I rarely met those hefty sales targets and I certainly didn’t achieve career success. I was, most definitely, a round peg in a square hole.

It wasn’t because I didn’t have the right skills or the innate ability to fulfill the job, it was because the role and the company didn’t match any of my values. Continue reading

PSI Incorporation Scam

Just removed another scam. Again Nigerian!

PSI Incorporation claims to be a securities company, located at 4245, Kemp Blvd., Wichita Falls, Wichita Falls, TX 76308, USA.

A quick search on the net reveals that there is no mention anywhere of this company. A check on reveals that the site was registered only a short while ago, somewhat strange for a company of that size. If the company had been trading Continue reading

April Fool: Why your job should be a laughing matter

It’s April Fool’s day. Did you smile this morning when you sat down at your desk? Did you play a little trick on your colleagues or your boss? Do you remember that wonderful story about the spaghetti tree that had the world laughing? If nothing else, the 1st of April should bring a grin to your face.

But how often do you smile at work? How often are you in stitches with laughter? If you’re having to think hard to dredge up a moment of hilarity, the chances are that humour doesn’t feature much in your workplace.

Laughter and humour are essential components of Continue reading

Buy EU passport in Bulgaria

Always wanted to live and work without restrictions in the European Union?

Now you can! Bulgaria has a foreign investors plan that will give investors who bring €511.292 (BGN 1,000,000) into the country a Bulgarian passport (but no job). As Bulgaria has signed up to the EU and the Schengen agreement you will eventually be able to live and work anywhere in the European Union.

This has been in place since 2009 and only recently attracted the attention of the UK based Telegraph newspaper, who blew it up into a big media frenzy. There is currently a bit of Bulgaria/Romania scaremongering going on in the UK media and this fits the bill for journalists who want to create sensationalist, finger pointing articles.

Had the Telegraph done their homework Continue reading

Prime Spring Hotel scam

These hotel job scams keep on coming. This time the website of the Courthouse Hotel in Central London has been copied and abused for a job scam. The site has been renamed as the “PrimeSpring Hotel”. All pages, with the exception of the Careers section are the same. The purpose of these scams are to make people pay for fake visas, work permits and other ‘costs’. Once these fees have been paid, the ‘recruiter’ disappears.

So, don’t apply for these fake jobs, unless you want to lose money.

How can you protect yourself against these fake jobs?

1. Do a search on to find out who registered the site. If it’s not related to the website, stay well away. In this case this London based hotel website was registered by a Nigerian woman called Continue reading

Italian job seekers find new opportunities in Berlin.

As a result of a stagnant economy and a huge lack of opportunities, read jobs, in Italy, many young graduates are packing their warm clothes and are moving to Berlin.

The German capital is home to such a large number of Italian immigrants that many Italians are able to set up Italian inspired businesses, from newspapers, to cafes and clothing shops.